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I am taking another online class – a weekly phone conference with Eric Klein who writes on spirital matters and coaches meditation through Wisdom Heart.

Its purpose is Healing Family Karma.

The first session began with a question – “Is the universe friendly?”

How do you answer this?

How does your mother answer this?

How does your father answer this?

Guess what. There is no father. There is no mother. These are only energy patterns you have conjured to learn from.


I get really tired of being responsible for all the trouble in my life. Can’t I lay it off on someone?

(Half joking.)

What one word have you come here to express?

The first word was LOVE but I eschewed that. It’s too much work. BEAUTY. That’s the ticket. My tricky little ego second guesses me from the outset. Then floods me with words.

Love. Beauty. Truth.

I want to resist this. Yet, think about it.

If you could boil all your problems down to one, two or three words, three energy patterns, how would it change?

How can I bring love to this?

How is it beautiful?

What is true for me in this?

I’ve ruminated a lot on the idea that I am here to express beauty. Not to be beautiful per se. But to create and/or perceive the beauty in everyone and everything.

Is this grandiose?

Is this even possible?

There’s so much ugliness. The Casey Anthonys of the world. The Michael Vicks. The Rush Limbaughs. The sociopaths. The narcissists. The evil. The selfish. The pompous and vain.

How does one look at their fruit and perceive beauty? What good can possibly come of their atrocities?



It makes sense to me in many ways.

My happiest times are creating home and garden, transforming a shabby vintage apartment in Chicago to something chic and beautiful; transforming a nothing little house in Galena into a cozy cottage; planting a perennial garden on a prairie that has continued to bloom and beautify the neighborhood long after I’ve moved on.

I do have a gift for it.

But I suspect my first thought – love – is more like it simply because beauty comes easy when it’s born out of love. And let’s face it, Donegan Street was homely when I moved in, its sole attraction a yard full of shasta daisies which developed a blight and died. That’s when I took it on. That’s when I dug in. That’s when I began to reshape the world to match a mental image and in the process was reshaped.

So I’ll play with this thought, this theme.


Where in my current life can I bring this? How in my current life can I bring this? It this an activity or an attitude or both? If this is my purpose, how do I animate it? And if it is not my purpose, then what is?

I’m really ready for a breakthrough on this.

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