Believe Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

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Alice Slays the Jabberwocky

The Jabberwocky

Why sometimes I believe six impossible things before breakfast,” Alice says in Through the Looking Glass. Here are six impossible things I am coming to believe:

1. That I will experience a spiritual awakening through prayer and meditation.
2. That I will be financially rewarded for frittering away time online.
3. That there is a niche in the world for my gifts.
4. That I am lovable and worthy of all the best in life.
5. That fulfilling my financial dreams is entirely possible.
6. That the world can be saved from humans despite how it looks today.

Of course, I have to write and rewrite these because, you know, it’s impossible to say it right in the first draft. LOL

What are your six impossible things to believe before breakfast?

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